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Painting in Italy is delighted to welcome Diana to our team of painting/drawing tutors.  Diana was one of the mentors on the BBC programme "The Big Painting Challenge" and "Celebrity Big Painting Challenge".


Diana is a highly qualified tutor.  She has a BA (Hons) in Fine Art, a Masters in Contemporary Fine Art and is a Fellow in Higher Education.  She is a Visual Artist, International Curator, Creative Mentor, Workshop Leader and Lecturer in Fine Art. She is a British Bengali and when she lived in Bangladesh as a child she realised that her sanctuary was making marks and painting with natural pigments in the counrty. When she came back to the UK, not knowing much English, she realised painting was her voice; a way to communicate without saying words. Since then she has seen art as a universal language. For the past 20 years, she has actively worked nationally and internationally sharing her practice to different cities and spaces. 


Diana’s work stems from working collaboratively with people in different countries, who speak in different languages and from a range of cultural backgrounds. Her work involves exploring the universal language of art and using this as a voice to communicate feelings, topics and issues we deal with in our everyday existence. She does this through semi-abstract paintings, drawings, photography and animation. With painting, Diana indulges in textural exploration, the process of making, a freedom and movement with paint media and application of paint with untraditional tools, such as sponges, sticks, scrappers and rags. She has a gestural, physical and escapist method of working on a painting surface.


She thrives on working with artist’s individual interpretation, seeing mistakes as a sense of self-discovery and depicting the world as one sees it. She works with alternative techniques to allow artists to break out of there comfort zones, e.g. drawing with bamboo sticks, walking and drawing and working with quick instinctive methods. This in turn helps the artist work without inhibition.


Her approach is nurturing, constructive and supportive because to her art is about the personal voice. Whatever style her students have, she ensures they are guided in the right direction technically and conceptually but ultimately celebratory. She believes in one-to-one tutorials and demonstrations are catered for individual needs.


She has been a creative mentor to many people from different backgrounds, ages, abilities and cultures for over ten years. She has been a professional mentor for two series on BBC1’s The Big Painting Challenge. She promotes the importance of the arts in different sectors and has worked with UK Parliament, The Institute of Mental Health, Southwark Cathedral and various business sectors. Her work has exhibited in San Francisco, Tehran, Pakistan, Australia and various venues around the UK. She has curated mass art exhibitions in Israel, South Korea, Romania, Cyprus and California and loves to work with different cities and the people that make them.

We are sure Diana Ali will be a big hit on this art vacation.

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ANSWER Diana :

Guidance on techniques to suit the individual’s personal style and approaches.

1-1 guidance, which will be tailored to the individual.

 References to contextualize the work to other artists so there is a meaning to the work.

Constructive feedback with advice on technicalities as well as how to make the work meaningful and sophisticated.

Lots of listening.

Allowing for mistakes to happen and working with them.

A good laugh, enjoyment in learning and a sense of group belonging.

Breaking the rules in art techniques to make room for invention and creativity.

Confidence to working outside amongst the public.

Lots of techniques that do not have a right answer but a sense of exploration and self-discovery.

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